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Henry Ford Chapter 11 : Saving the Timber

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Essay Preview: Henry Ford Chapter 11 : Saving the Timber

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Henry Ford Chapter 11

Saving the Timber

This chapter focuses on Mr. Ford's company saving as much wood as they possibly could. His concern was that they were wasting a lot of wood when they could be using it somehow. He stated that, "We have a positive rule in every factory and branch that each crate and box must be opened carefully without breaking the wood." It's something that most people probably wouldn't even think about. When you open a crate with a crowbar or something of that nature, wood will split and scatter all over the place. Then usually it is just picked up and thrown away. I really like how Mr. Ford seems to think everything out. He seems very observant and that is how you learn from things. He would see how his company was working and try and find flaws or things he could improve on. He was very efficient.

I can speak first hand from working in an office type environment. We are constantly having shipments of copy paper and other office supplies like that come through. All the boxes and things that these items come in are often just tossed out in the garbage. There is no recycling that goes on, when there probably should be. So many things can be recycled and then reused. One thing that I recently learned could be recycled is used ink cartridges and even old cell phones. I'll be the first to admit that sometimes I can be wasteful. I think that's what Mr. Ford was talking about. Every little bit matters and counts. That is why he tried to save as much timber as he could.



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