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Higher Education

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Essay Preview: Higher Education

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Jose L. Reynoso

Grand Canyon University

Doctorate Program

Letter of Intent

November 24th, 2012

Q: 1- What has motivated you to achieve a Doctoral degree?

The constant demand of an ever expanding field of education motivated me to further add more to my education. A doctoral program revolves around constant research and consistent effort. My humble upbringing in Mexico instilled in me respect for hard work and sincerity. That is the need of the hour here in United States today to accept the challenges of ever changing face of education. The unlimited experimentation to target the weaker sections, especially in the state of Arizona further motivated me to achieve a Doctoral degree. The higher we go in educational goal, the humbler we can get in providing service to the community and share the knowledge among the members of the community.

Q: 2- What do you envision to do differently when your degree is complete?

I envisage to provide opportunities to one and all, explore better avenues and modus operandi to target goals and apply research based strategies and skills to enhance work equilibrium among the staff and members of the district. I also teach citizenship classes to the community members. I envision inspiring them to achieve higher goals. My position as vice-principal will come in handy to give shapes to my dreams of having highly skilled and well-educated community. All this can be possible when I am able to prove my mettle in this program through sheer hard-work. Incorporating research based teaching strategy will be my main focus.

Q: 3- How will you dedicate the time and effort to be successful?

I am devoted to the cause of education a one hundred percent. Time and effort will reflect in my each decision. The ability to distribute the tasks based on priority and demand has always been my main forte. It will become important to set realistic achievable goals based on the new learning (in Doctorate program). Task analysis can be laborious based on short or long term goals. Team work is essential to be successful. So I will see to it that the time and effort that I will put in assigning roles and tasks fulfill the demand and set high goal.



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