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History 102 - United Nations

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Essay Preview: History 102 - United Nations

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Nneoma Cynthia Ogbenna

Professor Davis

World history 102


The United Nations

The United Nations is an international organization whose goals are to promote the co-operation in international law, international security, economic development and the social equity. Being founded in 1945 at the coronation of the United Nations Charter by 51 countries, therefore replacing the League of Nations founded in 1919.the united nation was founded at the ending of world war 2 by the victorious allied powers carrying the hope that it would retaliate to prevent and intervene in conflicts between nations and make future wars impossible. The UN system, often known as the "family" of organizations defined six main organs of the new body, with each having individual and specific tasks and functions. The main organs of UN are, the general assembly, the Security Council, the economic and social council, the trusteeship council, the international court of justice and finally the secretariat.

The general assembly discusses and makes recommendations on any subject that falls within the scope of the charter itself. They also work in approving the UN's budget and determines. The security council is in charge of maintaining international peace and security. During times of crisis, they are empowered to act on behalf of all the member states and make a decision on a course of collective and mandatory action for the entire membership. The economic and social council are assigned the task of the organizing and safe keeping of the UN's work concerning the matters of economic and social matters. The trusteeship council operates on the system that was established below the charter. They voted in 1994 to suspend the operation convening only at the requests of the president, majority of its member states. The international court of justice participates in the principal judicial organ of the UN consisting of 15 judges. Finally, the secretariat is the administrative arm of the organization, it is headed by a secretary general appointed by the general admission upon the recommendation of the Security Council.



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