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History Proposal - World War II

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Essay Preview: History Proposal - World War II

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The topic we are interested in doing for the World War II project is the North African campaign which was also called desert war. This is our topic of interest because we both feel like this topic was intriguing, was filled with a lot of battles and significant to World War II. Our goal for this project is to effectively show and teach our classmates about the North African War. Answer questions like; how did it start? Or how it ended? Who was involved? Etc. We also think that The outcome of this project we are hoping that our classmates learn about the importance of the North African Campaign. For this project we are going to be focusing on 5 things; who was involved, conditions of the desert war, start and end of the north african war, battles and important events.

The north African Campaign started on June 10th 1940. It started when Mussolini (Italian dictator) declared war on the allies on June 10 1940. The first This campaign happened in north africa between 1940-1943. In this 3 year span 17 battles took place for two main reasons. The reasons were because of Suez Canal which was essential to take over the middle east and the oil resources in the middle east.

The conditions of the desert were really rough as well. It was burning hot during the day and at night was really cold. They were in the desert so there was lack of water and lack of moisture. Also lack of water resulted in few baths, so in desperate need of moisture they used lips or sweaty shirts. There was flies and mosquitoes everywhere so it was really hard to eat.



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