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Home Depot Comprehensive Problem Financial Anaysis

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Essay Preview: Home Depot Comprehensive Problem Financial Anaysis

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The financial analysis of Home Depot comprehensive problem number four Financial Accounting. I have all the computations down but am having a problem with the wording. There are several pages of notes that are to be accompanied with this overview of the Home Depot's financial statement. Unfortunately I am excellent in financial accounting, not english writing. I would appreciate to compare what I do already have written with an essay of higher quality. This is an extremely hard class for me, considering all the notes that are to be accompanied with such financial statements. If all your computations are down exactly, it does not really matter if you cannot write legably. I have been looking at your essays already online and am extremly impressed with the very logic that has been put forth into these. The Home Depot project that was assigned to us in class was a very time consuming and critical peice of homework. We are looking for this semester to come to an end and this project is worth a great deal of points. I would really love to see an essay that is compatable with the information that I have requested. It would mean a great deal to me and my appreciation is out of this world. I am currently going to school for elementary education. This class is an essential part of my grade and without it I would certainly not ever achieve my goal. Of course my elementary teaching is definetly not going to be in the english department though. I am defiently going to work on my composition though. Please feel free to contact me at the above website. Thank you and have a great day!



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