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Hospital Recruitment and Selection Analysis and Evaluation

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Essay Preview: Hospital Recruitment and Selection Analysis and Evaluation

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Hospital Recruitment and Selection analysis and evaluation

For the purpose of the recruitment analysis, specific discussion points were raised to gather congruence in the existing perceptions between the different employees who are at different levels of the organisation. The findings are discussed as follows:

* The hospital has no Standard Operating Procedure in terms of future planning for roles. They start recruiting if and when the need arises. This implies that the HR department does not make much use of the HR database to be able to do proper assignment planning and succession plans.

* Recruitment is a shared process between the hospital and the government. The government advertises the posts externally on the government gazette and newspapers whilst the hospital advertises the posts internally. The posts are advertised on the notice board. The challenge with this method is that information sharing in this regard is limited as some employees may not read the notice board.

* Qualifications are essential in the health sector and these are a pre-requisite for candidates. This shows that there is some adherence with the requirements of the profession which has a lot of safety requirements. After assessing the candidates' applications, they conduct interviews at the hospital. A key watch out is that there is no process of handling candidate assessment because some employees have mentioned that they have not gone through the whole selection process. There are some instances where people have gone straight to the hospital with their CV's and been hired the same day. This qualifies the notion that they hire to fill positions without scanning their environment and this clearly indicates the lack of HR planning.

* There is a misalignment on who should conduct an interview as employees at different levels have different opinions about who conducts the formal interviews. The only standard thing is that the line manager and an HR representative are always present. The additional members include a Trade Union and a community member. There is no clear explanation as to why a union member would be present at the interview, which we have considered to be a highly confidential matter between the candidate and the prospective employer. The community member's role is also not clear but most hospitals hire employees that should fit the community profile. We assume that the community member is there to give an objective opinion.

* The preparation for the interviews lacks structure as there is no list of predetermined questions which seek to get behavioural information from the candidate. Interviewers simply make up questions just before the interview takes place. The 2 key watch outs are that they may not achieve the objective which should be to get the right people for the right roles at the right time. Another is that the interview process is thereby discriminatory as candidates are not put through the same assessment. Other candidates may come out victorious thereby alienating others.

* There is no clear feedback process post the interviews as the employees at different levels have different perceptions as to the time taken to give feedback to the candidates. The most common response was that two weeks are taken to get back to the candidate after the interview has been conducted. This is very different to cases where employees have approached the hospital and got hired on the same day. There is also no formal way of giving feedback to the candidates because the methods of giving feedback vary from



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