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Hospitality Report of Woodlands Park Hotel

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Essay Preview: Hospitality Report of Woodlands Park Hotel

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1. Introduction

On 2nd of July 2007 I started my six-month practical training at Woodland Park hotel. In my first experiential six month practical training I experienced my front office training and as we have to experience both front office and food and beverage at Woodlands Park I was employed to work as a food and beverage assistant. During the first two months of practical training I was placed in the in the restaurants however a couple of days were allocated for induction and conference and banqueting.

1.1) A brief history of the hotel

Woodlands park hotel is a small hotel with 57 bedrooms. The hotel is situated about 45 minutes outside London in the quaint and quite area of Stoke D' Abernon Cobham Surrey. The country house was designed and built in 1885 and was very modern in its day and age as it was one of the first country houses to have electric lighting. The house has been sold a number of times and many renovations have taken place such as the addition of rooms and fireplaces that have been erected.

The house was first converted into a luxury hotel in 1929, however was again sold during the Second World War and converted into a home for the elderly. In 1975 the house was used as an educational centre. In 1981 the house was again opened as a hotel and has existed as a hotel ever since. Woodlands Park has been managed by many hotel groups but is now owned and managed by Hand Picked Hotels.

As I am completing my six month training in the food and beverage department I was interested in the restaurants and services that that the hotel offered. At Woodland Park there are two restaurants, Bensons Brassiere and the oak room.

The report was to be completed and handed to Ms Keating by the 2nd September 2007

The areas that would be completed by me in the Food and beverage department in the first two months would include:

* Breakfasts

* Lunch

* Dinner

* Telephones

* aloha (computer system)

* Service procedures

2. New experiences

2.1) Induction

On the 2nd of July 2007 I was sent on my one day induction course into the hotel and the hand picked group. The main objectives of the course were to ensure that all new employees' gain a basic understanding of the hotel and the main



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