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How Technology Changing Our Life

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Cheng Liu


July 05, 2019

How Technology is Changing Our Life

Throughout time, humans have made great achievements in technology to make our lives better. Every year we see many lists about new technology revolution that you cannot live without. New technology goes hand in hand with phones, watches and other smart devices. It is like a new way of thinking differently, better and much more effective with less hassle and at a much affordable rate.

I like technology. It let us be able to shopping without going outside, knowing things by a simply touch, and buildings connections regardless of distance. Gadgets all around my house allows me to keep my shopping list current, turn on and off lights, and motion detectors notify me when anyone comes in and out of my house. All of these are set up to make my life easier.

Technology allows us to reach parts of the world we never thought possible. A good example is Google and YouTube. I get to read about people and culture from around the globe. On a daily basis, it reminds me that I am not alone and people of all kinds deal with the same type of issues.

Some people are concern about the negative effects of social media; I would still argue that social media makes us more aware of what goes on in the world. A narcissistic person on social media will ignore all this information that they feel doesn’t apply to them. Technology doesn’t make them narcissistic; it gives them additional opportunity to exhibit narcissistic tendencies.

So, in my opinion, technology has helped more than hurt society. The utilisation of a variety of technologies have helped man to live far better lives and assisted us to care for the planet we live on. Technology doesn't generally hurt society, what hurts society is man's poor use of some technologies. Whether it is our appalling use of fossil fuels or our crazed destruction of the planet, the technology isn't at fault, we are



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