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How Total Quality Management Is Implemented?

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Essay Preview: How Total Quality Management Is Implemented?

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How TQM is implemented?

Top organizations analyze and establish Total Quality Management (TQM) because it is one of the key management strategies to an organization. These organizations not only collect the information on current trends, cultures, customer satisfaction and peculiarity of the management system but also identify the importance of them and maintain healthy relationship. It identifies the customer demands in orderly way and process the production and services to meet those needs and demands and further it carefully forms teams for the effective improvement efforts on quality of the goods and services.

Quality of the TQM is maintained by the highly qualified managers. They manage individually for quality effort through high standard training, master plans and coaching. This type of standardization on management processed daily and affective plan is devised as per the requirement and needs. The status on employee awareness and feedback are provided constantly for the establishment of organization’s recognition. Generally these organizations invest hefty amount on TQM teams rather than on promotions.

Five strategies used for developing TQM process according to ASQ are:

The TQM element approach

This strategy plays a prominent role in both business and organizational sectors. This method uses the TQM methodologies to improvise quality and was used widely in the early 1980’s because many companies learned the TQM tool techniques. For instance Taguchi methods, quality circles, quality function deployment and statistical process control.

The guru approach

This method uses the writings and teachings of the leading quality gurus to determine the deficiencies in organizations. These organizations make suitable remedies for those deficiencies. For instance Managers might work on implementing what they studied from Deming’s 14 points or by attend the Crosby College.

The organization model approach

In this method the organizations with TQM leadership role will be visited by many professionals and individuals to analyze methods and reasons for their success. Then they integrate the ideas for development of the innovative organizational model used for their management.  This strategy was used abundantly in the late 1980s and is practically used by the initial recipients of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.

The Japanese total quality approach

In this method organizations explore the implementation methodologies and techniques worked by Deming prize-winning companies. Organizations use this experience to develop a long term master devise for in-house use. For instance Florida Power and Light used this strategy among others to establish TQM and to win the Deming Prize.

The award criteria approach

In this approach, organizations uses quality awards like the European Quality Award, the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award or Deming Prize as a primary factor to diagnose the areas for improvement. However TQM focuses on certain factors for this approach towards development of organization.



It is possible to increase customer satisfaction, reduce costs and foster team work for companies through TQM. TQM’s Companies can gain higher profits on sales and investments. Even though the cost of products is high, these companies provide excellent quality services for customers.  Total quality means not only better access to world-wide markets but also greater customer loyalty  and wider recognition of quality brand like APPLE,SAMSUNG,NIKE etc.,

Customer Centric Approach

Customers are the end users of products or services, who determine the quality of product is good or not. It doesn’t matter how many skilled people pooled in making product, upgrading computers and machines, high standard methodologies , innovation in technology etc., at the end of the day, customers are the people who judge the company’s standards. So companies must follow TQM standards keeping customers in mind.

Employee Involvement

Addressing total employee involvement in accomplishing business goals and objectives will lead to employee empowerment and effective team work from employees in decision making and finding quality related problems. Employee empowerment and team work can be increased by making work environment more open and free of fear.

Continual Improvement

Continual Improvement plays prominent role in TQM and will lead to better quality and improved methodologies. Continual improvement will certify companies to find innovative ways and methods in manufacturing better quality products, be competitive in trending market and to reach the customer expectations.

Strategic Approach to Improvement

Companies must maintain a strategic approach towards quality advancement to achieve their mission, vision and goals. Strategic plan is very necessary to certify quality becomes the key aspect of all business processes.

Integrated System

Businesses consisting of different departments have various functionality processes. These functionalities are interconnected with various organizations, which TQM focuses on. Every employee in the company should have a complete understanding of objectives, quality policies and standards. Its very important to establish quality work environment to accomplish better and surpass customer expectation. This type of system certifies long term improvement and helps companies to accomplish competitive boundary.

Decision Making

Data or feedback from customers on quality performance of products indicates the current health and wealth of the company. For better TQM efficiency, companies must gather and simulate data to improve decision making accuracy and quality. These decisions must be taken statistically and situational based to avoid a room for emotional based decisions.


Communication plays a vital role in TQM, which helps to motivate employees and improve their daily methodological activities. Employees must be involved in the as much as possible in the TQM awareness programs and decision making to make the sense of empowerment. This creates the environment of unity and integrity, which helps to accomplish better TQM results in future.



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