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How to Pass Drivers Education

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Essay Preview: How to Pass Drivers Education

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How to pass drivers education

The way to pass drivers education is to find good friends that do the homework so you don't have to. Nobody wants to do homework for a boring class during their summer vacation. When that final day of school comes, your brain shuts off and you don't turn it on for 3 months. Everyone hates going to those long drawn out classes that try to re teach you things you already know. Driving is a simple subject to teach with some techniques. You can teach yourself easier and maybe better than the lousy teacher. Every person in that class hates it and wants to go enjoy their summer not in a classroom with 30 kids that you know nothing about. Some kids hate being put into unfamiliar spots and try to make new friends. It sometimes withers the learning ability of the student. The principle of paying for drivers education makes the class even worse. Someone took a necessity and turned it into a fairly successful business. They over charge you for 30 hours of class work that doesn't prepare you for the road but gives you more knowledge of rules to test and break. Your parents can teach you or even friends and family. They all have experienced the new driver stage and can help you better than some old creepy guy making bank off of some lousy government rule. Overall the entire process of drivers education is a complete joke and should be taken out of the curriculum for an intermediate license.



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