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How to Put a Contact Lens In

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Essay Preview: How to Put a Contact Lens In

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Okay! So you want to know how to put on your contact lens, huh? Don't worry, because in this essay, you can easily follows the instruction steps by steps and you'll finally learn how to put contacts onto your eyes! It might seem difficult and painful, but actually, it is very easy and can be done in less than a minute once you know how. All you have to do is read the paragraphs below carefully and, of course, practice makes perfect!!!

First of all, before you're going to get your contact lens out from their small container, you, as a beginner of putting contacts, should find a place where there are mirror and plenty of clean water ready for you (which left you with not much option other than, of course, toilet sink). Secondly, you should wash both of your hands with soap to make sure your hands are clean and won't cause any infection on your sensitive eyes when you're going to put on your contact lens (and believe me, it's not cool at all once your eyes got infected by bacteria). After that, carefully take your contact lens out from its container and balance it on the tip your index finger.

Now that you got your contact lens on your finger, you should make sure that your contact lens's edge must be up in a perfect circle so that it will fit the curve surface of your eye. You should also make sure the contact lens's strength will correct which side of your eyes, for the case in which each of your eyes differ in shortness. After that, use the figure on your recessive hand to hold your upper lid open (also hold your eye lashes up along with your upper lid, so it won't block the contact lens from your eye) and use the figure (apart from your index finger, where your contact lens is on) on your dominant hand to hold your lower lid out of the way.

Next, look straight forward and gently place the contact lens onto your eye. During this step, you should not blink or look somewhere else, because it may make the lens lose its contact with the eye and will not stay on your eye's surface. When your contact lens already stay onto the pupil on your eye, release your figures that kept your eye open and slowly close your eyes. Finally, open your eyes up again and see the world in a better, clearer version!!! You should also follows the same steps with another side of your eye - except that you only have one eye, that is!



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