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Hrm Department of Citi Na Bank: Bangladesh

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Essay Preview: Hrm Department of Citi Na Bank: Bangladesh

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HRM Department of Citi NA Bank:

Citi's Human Resources professionals deliver superior: HR policy development, strategic HR advice, reward and retention programs, management of employee relations, resourcing, learning and development, and compensation and benefits. HR is responsible for attracting candidates, retraining and developing them individually. Citis' HR department is well known for the fact that they spend a lot time to examine their candidates so that they can have the most suitable candidate for the specified post.

Citi HR department says:

"Ours is a company for people who have a sense of urgency and excitement, who are candid, insightful and creative and who thrive in an environment of change, challenge and competition. We value people who are committed to excellence and in turn committed to creating the best possible environment for them to thrive in."

HR Activities:

Citi is very careful to chose their employees. It's because being a MNC they have bigger responsibility that any other local bank. Citi's CEO takes personal interview of every candidate who have passed the previous test before this interview so that CEO is convinced that the specified candidate is better than any other candidate.

Recruitment Process:

1. CV Submission:

Potential candidates interested in joining the bank are required to send their complete curriculum vitae (CV). CV submission is done by internet. Citi NA Limited strictly wants candidates to have work experience in any other bank.

2. Application Evaluation:

After the CV submission applicants CV's are observed by the HR department. All applications are kept based on strengths and specialization, for future reference.

3. Day Long Assessment:

Citi NA Bank arranges a day long assessment test by which they takes many tests of the candidates. This test includes topic discussion, presentation and interviews by department heads.

4. Interview with the Functional Heads:

After the Day long assessment test some candidates are called for the interview with the Functional Heads. In this interview functional heads discuss with the candidates about their interest in the Banks many departments and their future plans for the bank.

5. Interview with the HRM Department Head:

In this part the selected candidates are interviewed by the HRM department head. This interview has 2/3 parts. Candidates are given various problem to solve in specific time to examine their effectiveness.

6. Interview with the CEO:

The final interview is taken by the CEO of the bank. Which is the most important interview as this decides whether the candidate will have the job or not.



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