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Human Capital Management - Management Behavior and Productivity

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Essay Preview: Human Capital Management - Management Behavior and Productivity

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Management behavior and productivity



From: Sales Management

To: Inter Clean, Inc. Supervisory Team

Date: October 7, 2010

Importance: High

Re: Management Behavior And Productivity

I want to believe that everyone has read Chief Executive Officer's memo announcing the planned acquisition of Enviro Tech. Just as the CEO said in his memo, this strategic business decision is huge and exciting one that will increase the company's profitability by 40 percent.

As members of management, we know that change is always inevitable for a company to remain competitive in the market. As we undergo this change and merger that will affect all management and the employees under our supervision, your actions and behavior as a manager will have direct effect and influence on the employees morale and productivity. So this is a time for us to show good positive leadership. Yukl (2006) advised that in times like this, manager's "decisions and actions have important, highly visible consequences for the organization, and mistakes or poor judgment can result in loss of resources, disruption of operations, and risk to human health and life." We must

Management behavior and productivity


devote good time to round-on the staff, provide support, encouragement, and recognition to the staff. We must work to reconcile demands from above and below. For Yukl (2006), in tough times as we are at the moment, "Subordinates expect the leader to represent their interest." Rude or negative behavior of a manager will create an atmosphere of mistrust and fear, and as a consequence will impact productivity. We must not allow this to happen this crucial time in our company. Of many factors that may affect productivity, management behavior is crucial in making sure that a viable work environment is enforced. Developing the right positive attitude will create and maintain a highly productive workforce.

As with the rumor and fear that some employees might be laid-off, merging two companies there is always the possibility that some employees might be affected. The Human Resources and Senior Consultant are doing skills inventory of the current sales force to identify skills and competency levels needed for the new sales direction. The good news is that Carol Stanley the Senior Consultant has said that no one will be harmed or laid-off by this transition. Inter Clean, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. The Senior Consultant has recommended that the company recruits key sales team leaders to help advance the vision of the organization.

As this organization moves forward strategically with this great business



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