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Human Nature Essentially Good or Essentially Evil

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Essay Preview: Human Nature Essentially Good or Essentially Evil

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Human nature essentially good or essentially evil

If you believe in God, and morality comes from God, then you have to figure out what is right or wrong. Example Cain/Abel nature essentially good and essentially evil caused evil among the brother's obedience, and disobediences; well we will determine what is good or evil. Human verse Human in finding out what is right or wrong in our today society.

King James Version quotes this verse in chapter 2:17 "But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die". Defining what is holy and not holy or moral and immoral. First of all, Adam and Eva disobey God in the garden of eden, because Eva was tricked by the serpent in Garden of Eden and telling her to eat the fruit from the tree of knowledge. Serpent lead Eva to believe that she was equal to God, so Adam and Eva ate from the tree of life, and God curse them; other words, Adam was punish to have hard laboring , and Eva was punish to have painful child birth from their disobendience to God.

King James Version qoutes this verse in chapter 4: 1-16 "Cain and Abel is desendent from Adam and Eva Cain is crop farmer and younger brother sherperd. Cain committed the first murderd of his brother, because God rejected his offerings produce, and accepted Abel scafice " first born of his flocks and from his fats. Cain first


murderous and Abel first human to died because of his brother jeoulsy; therfore, God punished Cain by making him leave his birth place, so he was force out the land". We are born naturally good and nature it's already affecting us, because our enviorment we deal with bad stuff, control and lack of knowledge, and trying to decide on what is good or evil to ourselves.

Human verse Human. Example of my life experience on a regular work day; getting dress for work and on my way out the door, and starting my car and driving down Chambers Road; Therfore, I cross West Florissant road, so I seen police cars everywhere up the road. Suddenly I slowed down because I did not know what was going on wee hours of this particular morning, but I proceeded driving and I seen people standing on the side walk and I look down over the side walk; therefore, I seen young women lying there died and blood was gushing out her head, and I said to myself want evil person could have done this to a human being.

Conclusion: human nature essentially good or essentially evil. Human capacity of reason and rationally; therefore, we do have potential to rationlize, but we do not use it and we do irrational things all the time it is our nature to reason with what is right or wrong. God created man and women it was good in his master plan; on the other hand man disobey his word, so man caused sin to the world. We have liberty to decide what is



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