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Hunger Games

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Essay Preview: Hunger Games

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Most importantly, Katniss' identity changes drastically. The only thing Katniss really knows at the beginning of the book is providing for her mother and sister, Prim. This is the core of her identity, and the only thing she has going for her. Katniss appears socially awkward, stubborn, and determined to a fault. Katniss does not get attached to people or things very easily. Warm and fuzzy emotions are a luxury that she can not afford. Katniss solely focuses on survival. Katniss is not sentimental. For example, she has no love for the family cat, Buttercup. To Katniss, Buttercup represents "another mouth to feed" (Collins,3). Katniss even tries to drown Buttercup in a bucket. Katniss' survivalist mindset also makes her hard to like. In fact Katniss says that she does not think of District 12 as a "place that cares for" her (24) This changes when Katniss sacrifices herself for Prim, who so many love and care about. District 12 shows her respect, admiration, and love for this choice. With this sacrifice Katniss has "become someone precious" (24) to the district. Katniss gets through the games fairly easy, but not without them changing her. Katniss' transformation begins when she rides on the chariot with Peeta as part of the parade of tributes. At that moment Katniss feels that she "is as radiant as the sun" (121); giving her confidence. As the book progresses Katniss learns to respect humanity more and appreciate people in her life other than her family. Katniss shows this when she sings to Rue and adorns her with flowers after she dies. Katniss proves this again when she goes to help Peeta, even though by doing so she weakens herself because he is helpless. The games also helped her find closure concerning the death of her father. At the end Katniss removes all traces of the Capitol from her physical being, but she can not remove the effects from her identity.



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