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Impact Does Change Management Have on Company

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Does your organization have a strategic team, division, department, or project manager who can lead cross -functional teams to implement key changes all with the aim of growing your organization's ability to execute strategic vision and goals? This is the key to effective change management. Change management has the ability to move an organization towards its strategic goals and objectives if it is part of the organization's ongoing culture. If an organization is proactive about change management, it becomes part of their culture and is expected throughout the organization and becomes part of the norm. Organization change is personal and needs to be addressed in a positive way. Effective communication is one of the keys to the change vision and plan. When the change management team implements the plan by using two way communications, employees embrace the change and adapt more quickly than those who do not understand the change or the communication is lacking.

Another important item to factor in is the ability of the CEO to ensure each partner; manager and employee know their role within the organization. Not only should they know their role but understand the importance of their individual role in relation to the bottom line. If it is instilled through the organization the concept of "Is what I'm doing at this moment adding value to the organization", change may still be a challenge but you will manage that change with a positive workforce attitude. This is a concept that is used by Cintas Corporation who is known in business and investment circles as a performer. Their record of thirty-five consecutive years of growth in sales and profits is nearly unheard of. This corporate culture is what separates the business winners from the business losers.

In order to execute change effectively, it is extremely important to build a successful team. Having the right personnel on that team could mean the difference between success and failure. For example, you as CEO see the need for change. You have the vision and the passion because it is going to directly affect the organization. Who better than your managers and employees that change will affect the most would you want on your team? You need them on your team to be successful. If they are not willing to accept change is inevitable and be an advocate, than perhaps they belong with another company.

Change within any organization is inevitable and necessary for growth. In today's ever-changing global economy, growth or change means having to take advantage of modern technology in order to continue being competitive in today's global market. This may impact your sales force as well as your I.T. department. Therefor you are going need a more educated workforce. Which means change within an organization may not be possible until you have trained your workforce. In short-term this could mean generating less revenue now however,



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