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Importance of the Chorus in Theatre

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Essay Preview: Importance of the Chorus in Theatre

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The chorus plays an important role in the telling the story of a play. The chorus usually functions as the "choir" of the play and by singing large songs, act openings and closing, the chorus advances the plot of the play. The role of the chorus is much like the role of the narrator in a novel or story. The chorus provides some structure to the narrative and can provide information and commentary that are not in the actors' lines. The chorus can also provide foreshadowing or humor to the play. The chorus acts as a connection between the audience and the actors, giving the audience another view to the action of the play being shown, allowing the audience to identify with a group that is outside the main action of the main characters. The chorus in a play can set the mood of the scene in which is being shown; whether it is through the chorus's commentary on the main characters lines, or through the songs they begin to sing in a scene. The chorus has much to do with the dramatic effect of the play, and gives the thoughts and feelings of the actors on stage. The chorus' functions are that they give another perspective of the play, they come on to do scene changes, they give the back story and the summary on what happened before the beginning of the story, and they give commentary and highlight the main ideas on what is happening in the play. The chorus can show how an audience is to react to what is happening in the play (we can see this during the wedding scene in Fiddler on The Roof). In our musical, the chorus plays a very significant role. In many scenes, the chorus provides the true emotion that is needed to be portrayed in the scene to show the audience exactly what is going on. An example of this is during the wedding scene. At some points during the scene, the audience may not know the significance of the lines being said (when Tevye and Lazar are arguing) the chorus provides the side commentary, yelling and tension that really shows the audience the mood being portrayed in the scene. The wedding scene would also not be as genuine without the noise created from the chorus, whether it was crying, laughing, cheering singing, etc that they bring. Another scene that the chorus has a great significance in is the bar scene for "To Life". Without the chorus during this scene, we would not get the full affect. During the beginning of the scene while Tevye and Lazar are having their dialogue, the bar scene would not be as authentic without the chorus on stage with them, portraying the rest of the people in the bar. The chorus adds the extra noise and business on stage to represent a real bar. Another example is in the beginning of the play, the chorus represents the citizens in the market place. This scene would not be as real and authentic without the chorus members displaying acts of business of people in the village of Antevka and showing the chaotic and busy life of the people within. The chorus has a very



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