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Impulse Purchasing

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Consumers play a big part in the business industries. They largely contribute to the business in gaining profit, popularity and etc. That is why businessmen, marketers and researchers focus now on how can a business improve and upgrade by studying the behavioral pattern of consumers when it comes to purchasing. They are conducting studies and researches in order to attain new knowledge and data that might help them in creating strategies and wise decision – making.

Consumers has two main reasons why they buy certain products or avail

services. It might be a necessity or want. Basically, people buy or avail things in

order to fulfil their satisfaction. They satisfyingly purchase to their content knowing that it is worthy by examining the quality, price, or its importance and etc. But in some circumstances, people are driven to buy things out of their impulse. It might be the present circumstances that triggered them to do so. Being unpredictable with this kind of matter shows their instant decision – making are influence by factors present in the said circumstance. Specifically, study shows that there are internal,external and situational factors that may affect ones purchase decision. (Unsalan, 2016). Consumers have different kinds of behaviour when it comes to buying but even though they have differences, this might contribute to the researches being conducted. Besides, John Rampton, an entrepreneur, said that “customers are the life blood of the business….” They are the root of the business existence. That is why businesses learned to use a humanistic approach than the traditional “for the maximization of profit only” principle.In understanding their buying behaviour, it may also lead in knowing the reason behind their purchases. It might help in fulfilling and satisfy their human needs. According to Abraham’s Maslow of Hierarchy of Needs, in order to progress or attain the higher growth needs, basic needs must be attained first.Thus, this research paper’s goal is to identify what the relation of consumer

buying behaviour is with the business specifically in focus with the consumer

impulsive behaviour affecting the business’s marketing related decision – making.



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