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In Cold Blood

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Essay Preview: In Cold Blood

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2. Truman Capote avoided talking about exactly how the murdering took place, so when he talks about Perry Smith's boots, he says they were "soaking in a washbasin filled with warm, vaguely pink-tinted water." (2a, imagery, Pg. 47) This adds a gruesome picture in the reader's mind of the bloody death, which increases the suspense. It's very ironic how at dinner, Dick is able to eat a meal and kiss his mother as if nothing happened, when in reality, he just watched another mother, Bonnie Clutter, die a few hours before. (2b, irony) By using irony and imagery, it makes the reader question how the murder happened.

Part II: Persons Unknown

3. Truman Capote incudes the article from the Kansas City Star and Perry's immediate reaction to it to show Perry Smith's outlook on the Clutter murders. It seems like this would relieve him, but he remains suspicious when he says things like "I don't believe it... this no clue stuff." This also gives the reader a feel for the remorse that Smith is feeling. We do not know if he is feeling regret, or if he is scared of being caught. Something that he does different from Dick is that he cannot eat, but he does keep talking about the crime. Because this article is included in the story, the reader gets a better feel for the personality of Perry Smith.



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