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India Business Culture

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Essay Preview: India Business Culture

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India Business Culture

Doing business in India requires a understanding of its culture and business practices. Some will learn that the avenue to success is often, not very smooth.

Attitudes toward Time and Appointments. Indians appreciate punctuality and keeping one's commitments. Schedule appointments at least a couple of months in advance; reconfirm you meeting a few days prior. Always be prepared for last minute changes and be early for your meetings.

Formality Appropriate for Business Meetings and Related Events. A traditional way of greeting in India is performed by holding your palms together, as in praying and saying "Namaste" [nah-mas-tay] or "Namaskar" [nah-mas-kar] with a slight bow. Shaking hands is also accepted; in India society shaking hands with a women may not generally be accepted. Only shake hands if she has offered. It is advisable to address your Indian colleagues with 'Mr.', 'Mrs.', or 'Miss', or the professional title of the person 'Doctor' or 'Professor' unless the person asks you to refer them by first name.

Language Spoken and Possible Need for an Interpreter. When doing business in India, English is the language of international commerce.

Personal Space Comfort Zones and Nonverbal Behavior. Comfortable talking distance is generally 2 or 2 ½ feet; direct eye contact may be seen as intrusive. Avoid pointing your finger and feet at another person this is considered being offensive and disrespectful. Hands on your hips is a sign of being aggressive and dominating. Avoid arrogant gestures such as hands in your pockets.

Exchanging Business Cards and Gifts. Business cards should be exchanged at the introduction of a meeting. When presenting gifts, ensure the gift-wrapping colors are red, green, and yellow for good luck. If you receive a gift from your Indian colleague, open it only after your colleague has left the room. Suitable gifts are flowers, chocolate, perfume and a small electronic goods.

Appropriate Dress for Business Meetings. Business attire for men is a suit and tie. Select neutral colors. Pant-suits or long skirts, are appropriate for women .The neckline of the shirt or blouse of the top should be high.

Travel Alerts or Warnings for This Country. Contact the U.S. Embassy or nearest Consulate for further information about current situations for areas you wish to travel or visit the www.travel.state.gov.

Health-Related Concerns for Travel to This Country. Guests need to take special safety measures against illnesses such as: Diarrhea, Malaria, Dengue Fever, Hepatitis A and B, Typhoid and Tetanus. Visit your physician prior to your leaving to receive all the required immunizations.

Currency of This Country. The Currency in India is the Indian rupee.




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