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Indians and the United States Government

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Essay Preview: Indians and the United States Government

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Indians and the United States Government

The United States government has been attempting to improve the conditions in which the Native Americans are treated and how to improve their lands. There are so many Native Americans who live in poverty and nothing up to this point has been done to help their situation improve. Many Americans are unaware of how our Native Americans and Native Alaskans have been treated in the past centuries.

According to an article about boarding schools it stated that, "the United States government has made no attempt to address the legacies of boarding school abuses. In 2005 a class action suit was filed against the U.S. government for boarding school abuses. The case was dismissed by the court because it stated that a complaint first had to be filed with the Bureau of Indian Affairs." 3 In recent years during the Obama administration the government has been working with the officials of the Indian Nations to change this situation. Obama made a speech and stated that he has signed some bills one is "Indian Health care improvement act."1 Obama has also insured that the "Government cannot take any trusts on Tribal lands."1 In many of the articles viewed for this paper the average Native American does not graduate from High School and they usually train to do low paying jobs and the jobs are usually on Tribal lands rather than in American cities. "President Obama has also promised to improve and build schools on Tribal lands."1 He has stated in this speech many more policies he will be implementing to improve the situation of our Native Americans situation. The hopes of the Obama administration, is to make those Indian Tribal lands competitive with any American city. The Native American people have been ignored for far too long. There are those Americans feel that the Native Americans have been given too many handouts trying to pay for the steeling of their lands. What, many do not know how horrible things have been done to these people and then the acts where ignored or denied.

One other site examined in this paper was that of the ONR, Our Natural Resources. Their "mission to protect and utilize the health and productivity of the natural resources to ensure the wellbeing of tribal cultures, communities, economies, health of future generations while enhancing sovereignty."2

The American government has made a lot of mistakes when it comes to the Native Americans and Alaskan Natives, but the new administration is starting to work into the right direction. One thing that would make things a lot better would be for the government to admit their past crimes against the Native American people just as they did for the African Americans and Chinese Americans. But, it does not seem like that will never happen in our lifetime. Although there are a lot of benefits being offered



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