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Individual Mandates of Oboma Care

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Essay Preview: Individual Mandates of Oboma Care

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                                            Individual mandate provision of PPACA

                                                     Alton Dawson

                                                    July 8,2017



           The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act better known as Obamacare was signed into law in March 2010 by former President Obama. The purpose for the passage of the PPACA legislation was to overhaul the health care industry to make healthcare affordable for all Americans. Withstanding strong opposition from Republicans in the House, Senate and conservative activists the Supreme Court in a close vote upheld the Affordable Care Law on June 2012. However, staunch opposition of the law began to raise serious questions by conservatives on whether passage of the health care law was constitutional and how the law is interpreted for the American public. One of the many controversies of the Affordable Care Act is the individual mandate of the law that requires all citizens to purchase some form of health insurance.
     This paper will examine the worldview concepts of the ACA legislation, the opposition of Republicans and conservative activists, limitations placed on passage of the law, role of the government, and how these worldviews affects the American citizens. The individual mandates provided by the PPACA make it mandatory for all citizens to purchase some type of health insurance by 2014 or face a tax penalty. Stipulations of the individual mandates states that individuals who are not exempted or covered by a healthcare provider would face a tax penalty every month not covered by health insurance. To avoid paying a tax penalty, individuals must have healthcare coverage by May 2014. Individuals that do not meet the deadline must wait until the health insurance open enrollment period opens on November 15, 2014.The basic requirement of the individual mandate states all eligible U.S citizens must purchase the lowest health coverage. The minimum healthcare coverage Americans must have which includes Medicaid, Medicare, private medical plans, are required for individuals to avoid paying a tax penalty,

For individuals that have not obtained healthcare insurance the government imposed tax penalties up to $ 100, while families without coverage are penalized up to $285 or 1% of an individual’s taxable income. The formula to determine tax penalty on individual’s taxable income is based on the number of months a person has no exemption or dl not have basic insurance coverage. By paying their income taxes individuals, helps the Obama Administration subsidize the health insurance cost bought through the health insurance providers. Basic essential health care coverage is required all individuals and their families. While the government will give allow certain individuals will be grandfathered from paying the tax penalty or the mandate; the government will provide those individuals that are not exempted from paying a tax penalty will be offered assistance in obtaining healthcare coverage 2.

Studies estimate that over half of the country has shown opposition to the individual mandates drawn up in Obamacare. The number conservatives and Republicans in the house and Senate that opposed the individual mandates of Obama Care of remains high till this day. Studies also reveals the about 50% of the Country supports the individual mandates of Obama Care. The other half of Americans who opposes want congress either to the change the legislation or revoke it all together[2] Opposition against the individual mandate of the PPACA feels that the Supreme Court should resolve the controversies that pertain to the individual mandate laws., distortions and exaggerations surrounding the statute. The Supreme Court while making a ruling to uphold legislation on the individual mandate of Obama Care took the position by ruling that the individual mandate will be taxed. Individuals are given the option of whether to purchase health insurance, but if they opt out by not purchasing the minimum basic health insurance coverage can pay tax penalty. Opponents of the Bill argue that by passing the Obamacare individual mandate legislation the government is overstepping its legal authority regarding the bill. Critics of the law think that the provisions are over exaggerated in certain claims stating that individuals that do not purchase health insurance will face jail time and/or fined. Individuals will have the option to purchase health insurance whether they need it or not. The individual mandate of PPACA has gathered may criticism from conservative activists who opposes the mandates. Republicans in the House and Senate are aware that president Obama as a candidate for the democratic nominee for president was in opposition of the individual mandate in 2008.
       When Obama won the democratic nomination for president agreed to accept the mandate.

Over a quarter of the American States, (26) and other powerful health care organizations have opposed the health care mandates saying that the mandates undermine the constitution, federal government and the principles of federalism[3]. The provision of the individual mandate compels people to purchase health insurance of face a tax penalty. Critics feel that this law is unconstitutional because forcing people to buy health insurance violates the law of liberty.

Does Obamacare challenge individual liberty? Some conservative Christian leaders believe that Obamacare will allow Christians to vote against their conscience on contraceptives, sterilization, and abortions. Large corporations such as Hobby Lobby which has stated clearly that it will oppose Obamacare policy since the bill infringes religious beliefs of Christians. In Acts 5 states that the Apostles were arrested because they accused the Sadducees. They were supposed to face trials the following day. But when the guards went for them, the prison was empty. The Apostles were released and set free because an angel of the Lord came to their rescue. God helped them and instructed them to oppose the government authorities to defend the rights of religious freedom.  Peter said that people must obey God, but not men. In ACA, the government is acting above the Christian law, which should not be the case. The government should not compel Christians to do things, which go against their conscience.

The Obamacare forces compliance, which is against God’s law. Freedom is based on real choices. But in ACA, people are in bondage because they cannot make their own decision. In Romans 6:15-23 says that people who are in bondage are entrapped to sin a lot since they cannot help themselves. ACA has taken away people’s freedom, and therefore they are in bondage. God Almighty hates bondage. Roman 6 states that bondage leads to evil oppression and sin. In 1 Corinthians 7:23 says that people should not be slaves of men.



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