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Information and Communication Technology

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Essay Preview: Information and Communication Technology

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Information and communication Technology

Unit 1: Living in a digital world

1ai) Camcorder C

ii) Camcorder D

bi) Camcorder A is suitable because it is shock and waterproof. So Mitch won't have to worry about it breaking when he is recording himself rock climbing.

ii) LCD Screen is used to see what you are recording. It is very light and thin, and often used less power

iii) Mitch should buy a SD card

iv) WiFi means wireless, you can connect your devices wirelessly to the internet.

v) Optical Zoom

vi) A GPS tagging feature enables you to locate where you were in the picture. I

vii) GPS tagging is useful , because you know where the picture was taken.

ci) C so that the files can be restored

ii) A dvd is more sutiable because it enables you to save vido files on it as well as audio

iii) A USB

iv) 1. You can access the files from anywhere 2. There is less risk of your files getting damaged or lost.

2i) B, it is likely to be an illgal download site

Ii) You may get a virus

Iii) Enable Pop Up Block, or have a antivirus secrutity.

Bi) C, data on this site is encrypted

ii) Pop up blocks

ci) She can share her music more easily with everybody

She can get comments and feedbacks from the people who listen to her music, so she can know what people think of her music

ii) Different Case Letters and to include numbers

iii) Not tell anyone and to not save the password on the computer (delete cookies)

di) D, report the user to the site

ii) A privacy policy is a policy where a website says how they protect a web users privacy e.g details. A privacy policy tells you what the website holds the information for, and what for what purpose it is used..

3ai) D

ii) They are allowed to use as much memory as they want to.

iii) Benefit: A mobile broadband, allows you to access it wherever you are with your phone

Limitation: A mobile broadband may be costly and may contain hidden charges.

Bi) B router

ii)-So they can use the internet on other electronic devices eg. Laptop

-So that a lot of people can use the internet at any one time.

iii) It tells you if it is Secuitry enabled - if it has a password on it, and tells you the signal strength, whether it is weak or strong. And the type of secutiry enables network, eg WPA/WPA2

ci) Open software:

- It is available to everyone

- It is free

ii) It can allow hackers to gain access to your software. ( It can be of low quality, and include technical problems)

iii) The internet enhances a family's daily life, because it provides them with entertainment. The internet had something for everyone. It enables you to keep in touch with your friends, and share photos. It can be used to play games, and listen to music. Most of the daily things can be done rather quickly, and with less hassle such as emailing and sharing items, eg. Videos,



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