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Innovative Industries

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Many industries in today's business climate have reinvented their industries or organizations. Some businesses have fallen victim to other more creative companies. In the end and the beginning innovation and creativity create and develop any existing product or service. Correct design and good quality management in marketing can move an average or good idea forward with unbelievable outcomes.


As the new millinei dawned a decade ago most Americans were just becoming accustomed to drinking water out of a plastic bottle. The thought of not going to a nasty water fountain appeased some and others gravitated towards the convenience of having a drink readily available. No matter the reason the conditioning process was thoroughly in progress for future programming.

As everyone consumed copious amounts of bottled water the next phase of flavored and vitamin water were integrated. Both bottled water and flavored bottled water changed the soda industry. Consumers on average pay 240 to 10,000 times more per unit than tap water out of a local free faucet. Numbers such as these can only be creativity and innovation thinking further ahead than most.


Most American's look to video's after a day of existence. The Huffpost tech states, " 1 in 4 Americans watch a video online everyday." Since technology has a way of constantly staying ahead of most and not necessarily being accessible to everyone this is surprising. The anomaly or major factor in the video equation is not television. The technology is all around us and even in our phones. Video's have replaced many two dimensional advertising as well as how many communicate from day-to day.

This chart illustrates the commonality of video's in our everyday life.

Video has started to look like one of the frontiers of the new generation. Communication, advertising, even self proclamations are put on video and shared with all. Video has changed not only one industry but can be attributed as a changer of all industries. Many organizations will credit new video advertisement schemes as their new successful focus.

It is this writers belief that this time in history will be known as a video revolution. Anyone with a phone can record everyday experiences and document them. Past history has taught that only the wealthy or studied will have family or business scenes filmed. The future helps us to understand that everyone now holds this tool to use.


When Toyota launched their new Scion car line up in 2004 they knew they were on to something good. Not only had they rolled out a new lineup up vehicles but they had a new process. The new crossover lineup would most definitely be a different kind of car for a different kind of consumer.



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