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Interclean-Envirotech Merger

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Essay Preview: Interclean-Envirotech Merger

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Due to recent company changes your role as a manager is magnified; your views and reactions will set the standard for each individual department. I am sure everyone has heard the "talk" around the office of projected terminations and other major changes to our work environment and processes. This is the time for us to rally together as a management team and create an environment of positivism and zeal. Our team will ultimately be watching our reactions and looking to us in guidance. Knowing the uncertainty that lies ahead will allow us to focus our energies and come up with a management strategy that will inspire and build confidence among our diverse team.

The first piece of our successful management strategy is to check your mindset. Our minds are our most powerful tools, and by examining your mindset you will be able to set the standard. Perhaps you have concerns with the merger, but only in progression can be move towards the same goals. Each reaction we make, whether positive or negative, will set the tone for our coworkers. By reacting positively, we can nurture a comforting work environ where openness and honesty is a safe zone. Likewise, by reacting negatively we show weakness to our workers, ultimately lowering the work quality life of each and every employee.

It's important to remember that our teams are looking for strong leadership and transparency from management, and that is exactly what we need to be giving them. We will set clear expectations of what is occurring with the merger, and also attempt to give timelines to changes coming. Without timelines, there will remain an uncomfortable uncertainty in the air, which will only encourage stress, frustration and continued decreases in work quality life.

The second piece of our strategy is to properly understand the legal steps that need to be taken to protect our coworkers, our company, and ourselves. In times of change there will always be those who feel that they are being treated unfairly. Just as a reminder, unfair or discriminatory treatment is not to be accepted nor tolerated. As we grow in the merger we need to remember to treat all individuals as equals and peers amongst our teams. Once again, we can set the standards by our actions; our teams will follow our lead. Concerning new team members, adhering to the Equal Employee Opportunity Commission is of the utmost importance. By following these guidelines we forbid discrimination based upon religion, national origin, gender, pregnancy, etc.

The third piece of our management strategy is to welcome the diversity among our team. Although many of us have worked together new time, we must be open to the new team members. By embracing them and their unique professional routines we can properly grow, ultimately bettering our team as a whole. One way I recommend doing this is to hold regular team huddles, which allows old and new team members to share ideas, and foster new work relationships.



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