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Intercultural Blog

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Intercultural Blog

Back in 2005 I was deployed to Iraq but prior to the deployment there was our pre-deployment training. We were mobilized from Richmond Virginia to Fort Dix New Jersey. This "trip" was supposed to be a way for us to gain some extra skills we will be using while we were deployed. We were trained in cultural differences, religious beliefs, and different laws to abide by.

We started out in the barracks going to different classroom lessons. We were given a minimal Arabic speaking class. There were about 5 different days of classes for a couple hours each. We were given cards with regularly used phrases and words. We were also structured for our jobs over there. We mainly carried out security missions such as Route Regulation and checkpoint security. Some regular phrases were "Stop, or I will shoot" or "Show me your hands". With the minimal training we were given, the cards were used more often than not.

Once we were moved to the "training facility" aka Mock FOB (Forward Operating Base) we were put into the elements. A few times a day the prayers were blasted through the loud speakers. There were actual Iraqis or Arabs who spoke the language during missions. We were also informed of the different types of Arabs that live in Iraq and some of their history with one another. There was also a way of distinguishing some of them by their head dresses.

Last but certainly not least we were informed of their laws which related directly to their religion. One was that there should be no alcohol that would be consumed. While in Iraq all personal were required to follow that rule. The only exception was to go to the embassy (which is considered US soil) and there was a bar you could go to.

All in all the training was lifesaving and very informative but parts could have been more in-depth. It was nice to have a cultural experience and practice before being thrusted into the environment and possibly put ourselves into a bad situation. By receiving this training I feel that we have been able to understand the local nationals a little better and could have influenced the next generation about the west and how we are not trying to hurt them but help them.

While searching the internet I did find another blog about another soldier's experience that I found interesting. (Fish)

Fish, Adam. "A US Soldier's Experience in Iraq on 9/11." 10 September 2011. Savage Minds. 28 February 2013 <http://savageminds.org/2011/09/10/a-us-soldiers-experience-in-iraq-on-911/>.



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