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International Project Management Issues

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International project management issues

Global production of any product requires high quality project management to overcome, language differences, time differences and other problems associated with such distances between each project manager. These problems could be solved by the production in one factory.

Within airbus we operate in 21 locations worldwide in countries including, Spain, France, Russia and the UK, all with a different language. As each of the airbus components are made in each respective country but assembled in France the paperwork, engineering teams, transportation teams etc all need to communicate together to ensure the product is delivered efficiently. With the language difference this is an obvious problem.

As most of the factories operate a 24 hour production communication between factories during a certain time is never a problem. But the design and engineering teams operate in the UK 8-4 shift pattern which with the time difference across these countries would create another communication problem.

The distance between the factories and the main assembly in Toulouse is vast; the efficient transportation via air, sea and road of the aircraft components is not only a logistical challenge but a very costly activity with the delay of certain components putting a hold to the construction of the aircraft.

With the problems mentioned above I would argue that the construction of all airbus aircraft should be constructed as one model per factory to help combat the above issues, reducing the language, time and logistic problems and cost.

Article used.

The article I have used is International project management. ( Bennet P. Lientz and Kathryn P. Rea , 2003)

How the author has presented their argument?

The author has presented all arguments in a clear and organized manner writing the argument for each section at the beginning followed by three titled paragraphs of impact, prevention and action. The author details how these problems may occur during a project. This method makes the article easy to read and to go back to any area that you may need to read again or being able to jump to the appropriate section needed.

How the author presents his/her original ideas?

The author of the article has presented their ideas by first addressing any problems they have evaluated then documenting a detailed description of the problems impact how they can be prevented and their ideas on prevention and a solution to the issue. Also the author has split the issues in to 4 sub chapters with more specific title such as business issues and management issues. This makes the article simpler to use for referencing.

How the author's



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