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Investing in Bahrain

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Essay Preview: Investing in Bahrain

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Bahrain is unique in the Middle

East. Along with a stable economic

climate and competitive costs, you

will find an attitude that welcomes

foreign investment, a highly

business-friendly culture.

Unusually for this region, we

have been welcoming foreign

investment to our Kingdom for

not just years but decades. We,

therefore, have a great deal of

experience in understanding the

needs of foreign businesses and

responding to them.

Building on our natural geographic

and human capital advantages,

we have crafted a business

environment that fosters foreign

companies' prosperity. In turn, this

has created a steady flow of jobs for

our people, who are widely known

as the Gulf's most educated and

skilled. This means that companies

can recruit locally, which keeps costs

down and employee retention up.

The decisions of respected

international companies to select

our Kingdom for their base in

the Middle East are rewarding

our initiatives. Steadily rising

investment1 and our ascent in the

global ranking of open markets,2

demonstrate our growing success.

With the Middle East's economies

set to grow 3, diversify and consume

more, many companies want to

tap into this burgeoning trillion

dollar market. Especially at a time

when many developed economies

are struggling, selecting the right

place to locate is essential for your

profitability. We believe Bahrain's

proposition is the most businessOver the past decade, the Gulf has

become steadily more significant.

Over the next decade, it is forecast

to become even more so. The

region's growth and stability

has already created important

expansion opportunities for

international companies - in the

future it will create even more.

Worth $1.1 trillion, the Gulf

economy is the size of India's

and its recovery from the global



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