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Irn 2002 - Genocide of Rwanda

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Essay Preview: Irn 2002 - Genocide of Rwanda

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Augustin, Rose



The Crisis In Rwanda

April 6, 1994 started the civil war of Rwanda. On this day Tutsi extremist gunned down Rwandan president, Juvenal Habyarimana above the Kigali airport. This event would lead to the death of over eight hundred thousand people. Among this number were Hutu's and Tutsi, both fighting for political power. The Belgians were the first to respond to the tragic incident and the United Nation sent twenty five hundred peace keeping soldiers to help bring both political parties to a common ground. However, sometime in April a Hutu informant revealed a plan that will change the county of Rwanda forever. The informant revealed that the Hutu's were going to cancel the agreement that was put into place and were going to kill the soldiers that the United Nations sent to Rwanda.

Some of the peace keeping soldiers were under command to guard and protect the prime minister at the time. Rebels came and gunned her down, after they ceased the soldiers force them to turn over their weapons and killed them. They were than taken and killed. After this incident eighteen additional American soldiers were killed in the mist of Rwanda civil war and this is what changed Americans attitude toward the aide in Rwanda. United Nations voted to remove ninety percent of the peace keeping soldiers out of Rwanda. America also commanded that all two hundred and fifty seven citizens evacuate Rwanda immediately.

The big question till this day is why didn't anybody get involved and why didn't anybody help the citizens of Rwanda? Clinton publicly answered that he did not want to get involved unless it was beneficial to America. Also he did not want to risk the lives of American soldiers. In my opinion that is inconsistent our history. If you were to look into our past we helped in the Vietnam War and in both world wars. So why couldn't we help in this one. It was simply because we didn't want to. It wasn't benefiting us to help them in the crisis. Let's be realistic, Rwanda doesn't have anything thing that we want, we never traded with them and they are not a super power. At the end of the genocide President Clinton told reporters that he was sorry and regretful that he did not help. Personally, I think that this was planned out by the Illuminati but that is a different story.

Realist would probably agree with what United Stated did. They would have probably thought it was ok to stay out of it because we have too many problems of our own and we wouldn't want to risk the lives of our citizens, since we weren't fighting for. Realist would have understood why the Bill Clinton Administration didn't



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