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Is Abortion Really a Mother's Choice?

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Essay Preview: Is Abortion Really a Mother's Choice?

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Abortion is a process of terminating a pregnancy where the fetus is removed from the mother's uterus before the developing child is viable. There are many people who are in support of abortion, pro choice. Pro choice is the belief that a mother has the right to abort a baby. The question still remains; is it really the mother's choice? In an article "Guns, like abortion, are a matter of choice; the author Mary Stange provides an argument that reproductive rights and gun rights are similar. In the article she states "Yet taking the fight for women's lives seriously means defending their right to take control over every aspect of their individual health and safety. Reproductive choice and the ability to defend oneself, whatever that may take, are not simply women's rights. They are essential human rights." She even goes as far to say that an unborn child has no rights while inside a mother's womb. When I first read this article, I was in complete aw.

Life is so precious. Abortion is widely criticized by people of religious backgrounds, for we believe that the ability to give life is a blessing from God. It is my belief that a woman having an abortion is committing murder. No one should be allowed to take the life or the beginning of a life. There are many protective measures that exist today that prevent woman from pregnancy. Should a woman wish to have complete control over her body, she should also shoulder the responsibility of preventing an unwanted pregnancy. In addition to taking one's life abortions come with many medical complications. These medical complications range anywhere from uterine scarring to damaging the woman's reproductive system which may make her unable to have kids in the future, Abortion is also related to the increased change of breast and other types of cancers in woman.

In summation there are many arguments against abortion that proves this morally just not right. There are an insurmountable amount of cons of abortion. On top of my list would be everything that has breath should have a right to life. Regardless of what, women should use contraceptives not abortion to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. Because of abortions there are fewer children to adopt. There are so many ways you can look at this issue.



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