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Israel's Position Measures Towards Disarmament of Biological and Chemical Weapons

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Essay Preview: Israel's Position Measures Towards Disarmament of Biological and Chemical Weapons

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The State of Israel takes a steady stand regarding chemical weapons and biological weapons. Israel believes that the measures taken towards disarmament is needed to secure the lives of innocent civilians all around the world. This armaments have become a significant issue during many wars, such as: World War I, World War II, and The Cold War.This artifacts have shown powerful and strong deterrent to violence which will not be accepted by The State of Israel. Knowing the power that comes with this kind of weapons of mass destruction, other countries have had the lust to control them as well. The State of Israel believes in the importance of controlling ammunition. Humanity stands at an historic joint, facing multiple interconnected menaces within a compressed timescale.

Poisons and diseases are what mostly all biological and chemical weapons are made up of and are said to not have a cure. This reasons make these kinds of weapons vital to disarm immediately. As seen in history, In 1988, a terrorist named Saddam Hussein killed around 5,000 people in his own country using chemical weapons.The State of Israel deem that it is necessary to approach in order to make sure that countries are dismantling their weapons of mass destruction.

The State of Israel imposes that we should eliminate all mass destruction weapons in the entire world. In order for Israel to achieve the goals that they are conveying, other countries must be willing to unite and come up with a consummate resolution in which all countries are capable of pursuing the requirements presented. If other countries decide to produce more biological and chemical weapons, we are in a risk that they will be take into the hands of terrorists and cause worldwide danger. We can’t permit nor risk civil’s lives. The State of Israel would like all countries to accord into the disarmament of this weapons by making a treaty allowing The State of Israel and fellow countries to validate that the country is not conspiring into the construction or creation of new weapons. The State of Israel believes that having a secure and free from harm world embrace the assistance of every country; uniting to make the world a better place.



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