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Positive and Negative Effects of Technology

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Essay Preview: Positive and Negative Effects of Technology

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As modernization approaches, ancient people tries to invent a particular tool for their work to be much effortless than before. There the wheel was invented way back 4000 B.C. which revolutionized activities such as transportation, war, and the production of pottery. Later on, simple machines were created during the Medieval Period such as levers, pulley, screw, clocks, and windmills. Significant advances were also made in military technology with the development of plate armor, steel crossbow, swords, catapults, and cannons. Moreover, renaissance science spawned the scientific revolution; science and technology began a cycle of mutual advancement. After the Scientific Revolution, then, Industrial Revolution takes place. This characterizes the significant development of textile manufacturing, agriculture, mining, metallurgy and transport, driven by the invention and appearance of steam power. Technology later on took steps on electricity to create a much advance power source such as electric motor, light bulbs, and countless others. Science advances also in the concept of medicine, chemistry, physics, and engineering which has led to the construction of skyscrapers, automobiles, and also improved communication through the creation of telephone, radio, television and computer during the late 18th century.

The 21st century developed mainly about electronics, and computers such as PC's and Laptops where the greatest of them all. First was the Internet broadband access that became very profound on most advanced countries, as did connecting to several kinds of websites that includes all you want and all you need. Aside from computers, mobile phones and portable music players were the second of them that became one of the most commonly found in everybody's personal belongings.


Teens are growing up in a world where computers, internet, cell phones, text messaging, online games, social networking sites and other technologies dominate their communication and social skills in everyday life, and it has a significant effect on teens. Teens on our current generation are enamored with technology. Although perhaps it is not the fact that they adore technology so much as it is the simple fact that they can't live without it. As a matter of fact, teens today would have a pretty difficult time imaging life without items such as video games, internet, T.V. cable, cell phones, and iPods. And sad to say, maybe there are only few of them that can live without it.

Technology have many effects on children, some effects are good, others not so good. In either case, each person should adapt to the fact that technology is going to continue to grow and be a part in a child's life. Innovation is not going to go away anytime soon, and it will definitely become a larger influence in their lives.

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