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Jarir Marketing Company Management Case

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Essay Preview: Jarir Marketing Company Management Case

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Company History:

Jarir Marketing Company is a Saudi company which is traded in the Saudi stock exchange (Tadawul). It has a paid up capital of SR 400 Million. The company is known as the market leader of office products, school supplies, books, computers and computer accessories in Saudi Arabia. Also, it is expanding its business in other GCC countries. Jarir Bookstore, the retail division, has more than 20 showrooms and 4 corporate sales offices, whereas, Jarir Marketing, the wholesale division, has 6 wholesale showrooms and 7 direct sales offices. Since it was formed back in 1980, Jarir achieved significant growth and profitability through its retail, corporate and wholesale operations.

Company Growth:

Jarir has enjoyed increasing levels in growth and profitability. There are many reasons for these increases. First, The opening of new retail and whole sale showrooms. Second, developing brands such as "Roco". Third, low levels of competition. Finally, using latest technologies and appropriate management styles. However, in the past few years Jarir started to face higher levels of competition. The management realized the need for maintaining competitive advantage and therefore began to shift the company focus. Since 2006, Jarir had more focus on the customers. This lead to maintain profitability and market share for the company.

Customer Service:

Jarir trains all of its employees on how to provide better services. It makes sure that all the workers have enough knowledge about all the products being sold in its show rooms. They are giving continues training about new products being introduced to the showrooms. This enables the employees to respond better to customer inquiries on products and asses them to buy what they need. As a result, satisfaction levels of customers will increase.

Jarir's Expanded Marketing Mix:

In Addition to the 4 Ps in the traditional marketing mix, Jarir has engaged in identifying and implementing the expanded marketing mix model. As a service company, Jarir had to adapt to the dynamics of the environment. They have to focus on successful implementation of the expanded marketing mix:

* People: As a retail store, people represent a major concern for Jarir. High levels of face to face encounters within their show rooms exist. The company has identified this input and started to work on strengthen itself to maintain its advantage. People within the marketing mix are divided into two groups, employees and customers. Jarir's concern for its own employees begins within the recruiting process. When conducting personal interviews with candidates, the HR department makes sure that they fulfill the requirements to work in the service business. They train their employees regularly. Courses in marketing, personal behaviors



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