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Jasmine Litmon

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Mrs. Mauldin Summer

As a young adult, I have had the pleasure of bring exposed to many great people. Among all of the people that have taught me through out my life. Martha Taylor was born in the state of New York City in Lincoln hospital and is a natural born leader. I admire her for her loyalness, integrity, up beat personality, and with a determination to be great. Martha had surgery at the hospital and received a wrong procedure which almost took her life. Martha changes her vocation and went into the health care field as a care giver. Her life time goal was to work with the elderly and disable able people. In 1987 she received her certification and started her long life as a certified nurse practitioner. The agency Martha first started working at was RECCO Home Care Health in New York City. Martha worked with this faculty for seven years then Olsten Kimberly care for five years. Theses agencies had provide care in a private nursing Facility and alsocaring for the disable and elderly. Her training took place with the department of social services in the county of Suffork in New York. After home Health agency, she worked at south side hospital in Bayshore New York. Where she receives more training on EKG, suction machines, and how to insert a nasal gastrointestinal tubes. She also did private duty in the homes for about two years and after all that took place decided to take a break for another two years to work for a computer company. In spite of all this her love for her patients brought her back to care for patients in their homes. Martha became independent contractor for a year and began her beaded jewelry business and also continued to move on at the Rehab in Charleston transferring patients and assisted if needed. Later, in the 1990's she relocated to South Carolina and became certified with the state. Then, immediately began working with Kelly living assisted agency and the Presbyterian home. At the assisted living homes she bathed, clean, feed, read, and go out her way for her patients. Finally, I would like to tell you about how she pursue goals. By working hard, maintaing skills, understanding people and caring for others. She is a humble and outstanding lady that doesn't let anyone stand in her way. Martha loves what she do and her being involve with a lot of facilities help her accomplished a lot of knowledge. It help her became more compassionate and built her character. I believe Martha is well known at all her faculties as the mother of society and especially at trident medical center. This lovely lady is a awesome worker and treats all her patients with respect as if they were her mother or father. You can go to her for any type of advice or any issues you have in the medical field because that's one lady that not going let you down. In conclusion you can see that Martha Taylor is indeed a great person to admire.She



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