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Jerry Molly and Sam Summary

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Jerry and Molly and Sam

The story Jerry and Molly and Sam is about Al and his miserable- and problematic life. In the beginning of the story we get introduced to Al's troubled life. His work Aerojet is laying off many workers, and talking about cutting back. Al had an affair with a lonely girl called Jill. The story happens in Sacramento California.

The story Jerry and Molly and Sam happens in California. In the story we meet Al the main character, and get introduced to his troubled and miserable life. Al's work Aerojet is laying off workers and it's bad because Al don't know if he becomes the next one that's gets laid off. Al moves to a new place and just before all the layoffs began. He has an affair with Jill, and is insecure about this affair. But his worst problem is his wife's sister Betty. She had bought the kids a useless dog that pees on the household carpet. Al wants to get rid of of the dog because he sees the dog as the source to all his problems in life and then he decides to abandon the dog in his old neighborhood, so it could get adopted by a new family. Al feels guilt when he leaves the dog , and later he regrets leaving the dog, because the loss of the dog gives him more problems than it solves. So he goes back to reclaim the dog, realizing he can't simply fix a problem by putting it somewhere else.



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