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Jim Crow Laws and to Kill a Mockingbird

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Essay Preview: Jim Crow Laws and to Kill a Mockingbird

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Jim Crow Laws and To Kill a Mockingbird

David Cunningham describes Jim Crow segregation as both a system of laws and a system of customs. What is the difference between laws and customs? Which are more difficult to change? Laws are rules that a system of government follows,while they are strongly followed they can be changed if enough people vote for such. However, customs are like a tradition followed by a culture or group of people that is not in the law, customs are followed almost religiously and these are harder to change because to do so you would need to change the people and many people do not like change.

Why did Mississippi and Alabama have fewer formal Jim Crow laws than other states in the South? Because they naturally segregated themselves and followed segregation without laws so they need not need to force many laws for them to follow.

In what ways did black and white lives overlap in Alabama in the 1930's? In what ways were they completely separated? Black people worked for the white people as nanny's or in farms. They were completely separated by having to go to different schools, church's, bathrooms, fountains, restaurants, where certain people can sit.

What was the effect of the Depression on the relationships between whites and blacks in the Jim Crow South? Why? They fought for jobs and resources, and there were tensions around political order on the economy.

What were some of the unwritten rules of segregation? What were some of the complications around those rules? Children were taught when and who they can speak to "in that way", this complicated things because african american women would be raising the white children so it would transform the boundaries.

How were gender roles different between white and black Americans? for black people men were supposed to work on farms are do hard labour while women raised children or worked on farms. with white people men worked while women didn't.

What were the consequences of questioning Jim Crow? How do you think they were different for blacks and whites? Social and Physical risk, because many people would react with violence and make society hate you, you would be rejected from everywhere.

How did this video help shed light on written and unwritten rules of life in Maycomb? What characters, choices, and events in the book so far did this video help you better understand? **This question is worth double!* This kind of explains why everyone in Maycomb is against atticus defending a black man, because Tom was accused of raping a white woman and the thought of a black man even speaking to a white woman was frowned upon let alone any physical contact. We also see these jim crow laws applied when calpurina takes the kids to her church and they see the differences from the white church. We also see why ewell is so cruel because during those times that's how it



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