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Justin Bieber

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Essay Preview: Justin Bieber

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Justin Drew Bieber was born on March 1st, 1994 in St. Judes hospital. Justin's parents, Patty and Jeremy have been devoiced since he was two. He was born and raised in Stratford, Ontario, Canada. Growing up was just a regular kid with a normal life. He likes to hang out with friends, go to the movies, and Justin's favorite color is Blue. Hockey has been Justin's favorite sport for a long time. Born talented, with enormous features, piano, drums, guitar, and an amazing voice. Bieber took percussion when he was just two. "I was basically banging on everything I could get my hands on." He says. Pattie bought him a drum kit, guitar and keyboard, and he taught himself to play all of them. Talented 15 year old, Justin Bieber started singing at 12. Justin Bieber entered in a local singing competition called Stratford Idol. There were other people in the competition that had been taking singing lessons and vocal coaches. Justin got 2ed place in the competition at age 12 and says that he wasn't taking it too seriously at the time. He would just sing around the house. Some of his family members that couldn't make it, so Justin posted his performance on YouTube. The year of 2007, Bieber's mom made a YouTube account so that her friends could see Justin sing Ne-Yo's "So Sick" at a local competition. So she upload more clips of Justin performing R&B covers. But little did he know that he would make it big someday. Patty has been praying for Justin for a while and with all of the great talents this 15 year old has anything is possible to happen.

Now Justin Bieber is number 23 on YouTube's most-subscribed-musicians list! As it turned out, there were tons of other people that really liked Bieber's videos. Justin started receiving comments and tons of subscriptions. Then it hit the million mark and Scooter Braun, found him on YouTube. Now Scooter Braun, his manger, has made Justin this big famous teen pop star that everyone adores. Bieber started posting videos on YouTube when he was 12. So much has happened from the beginning of 2009 to 2010! It's has been a real gift for Justin. Screaming girls everywhere, Bieber tells interviewers and reporters. and getting to travel all over the world has been an amazing experience for this pop star. So much can happen in such little time. Performing many times a week and working in the studio is something Justin never thought he would ever be doing at the age of 15.

Not too many people that are 15 get the opportunity to work with some of their favorite celebrates. In the video "One Time ", Justin got to make a video with Usher, which was very cool.

Yes, it is true on November 23, 2009, Justin Bieber broke his right foot on stage in front of 11,000 people. He broke his foot while singing "One Time," when he tripped down the ramp and his foot got twisted. Justin carried on with the show



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