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Knowing the Audience and Communication Release

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Essay Preview: Knowing the Audience and Communication Release

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Knowing The Audience and Communication Release

The fact of life is that tragedies occur. Almost everyone has experienced tragedy at one time or another. It can make a big difference to a person if there is the sensitivity of another to help cope and to reassure him or her in even the hardest of situations. There are many ways to communicate to those of interest that there has been disaster, people need to hear about those they love in a particular way, to give them hope in their hour of grief or fear. It's always best for a trained communicator to be available in these situations because it takes a certain degree of knowledge in this area.

When delivering the message of workers trapped in a mine to the families, the most important thing consider would be that the families of these individuals would need complete sensitivity. These people could be fathers, mothers, or daughters of the workers trapped in the mine. Knowing that the families will be rightfully upset this is not something that can just be said without courtesy, as it would lead to further problems. The way the news should be delivered by them is sorrowfully and respectfully. The words chosen to use must be carefully thought out, containing an explanation of the situation and an assurance that they will be receiving an updated report as often as possible.

One way to ensure the message is delivered the best way possible is to empathize with the audience. To empathize, or "put yourself in another's place" (Cheesbro, O'Connor, Rios 2010 p. 1) is effective because it gives the sender insight about how he or she would want to hear the message if it was his loved ones who were trapped in the mine. In this particular type of situation it may be very difficult for some of the families to receive this information. Some may reject it completely. Its very important that after the message is delivered to make sure that everyone understands the situation, has received the message clearly, and also understands the severity. One way in which it may be possible to make sure is to set up one-on one-time with each of the families. In doing so the families of each of the workers would have the opportunity to ask questions and receive all of the facts. This would ensure that everyone understands and the message has been delivered successfully.

Delivering the message to company employees may be a challenge as well because not only do these people need compassion; they also need to be ensured of their own safety. They will be scared about the future, concerning their jobs and, their livelihood. The company employees will need to receive this message from someone very knowledgeable in the organization. They will definitely need someone to explain to him or her what happened in specific detail, what they are doing about it and how they plan to ensure it does not repeat itself in the future. As opposed to the families



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