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Lancaster Paremedics

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Lancaster Paramedics

Public Administration

Lorena Hedges


I will be going over a budget plan, and what services are offered. There will be coverage of the education and training of a paramedic. You will understand the importance of the budget and keeping it as accurate as possible. There will be a better understanding of what the Lancaster Paramedics is all about, and how it is not just here to serve for emergencies, but also non-emergencies. There are several courses that are offered at several different colleges to obtain this certificate.

The organization that I will be going over in this document will be the Lancaster Paramedics. They go to homes, hospitals, accidents, nursing homes, and many more areas to provide service to the community. There are many different types of services that they provide, such as minor first aid to saving a life. The Lancaster paramedics are not that big, but yet not all that small as the community is a decent size. I believe that there are approximately twenty people that are employed there. We have our people that answers the calls, then there are the ones that drives the EMS trucks, then the RN's that are legal to do certain medications, and the volunteers that help assist as much as possible.

Below will be a breakdown of the line-item budget that we follow and how we are planning on saving some money. It is important for us to follow the budget as close to possible so that we don't short ourselves with supplies that could save a life. I will be showing our billing services, phone service, and our laundry to keep our laundry clean for other community citizens that we may need to assist. Then you will see the difference in the professional development courses, our medical supplies, how much that the company pay for our oxygen, and the total savings. This budget is very important so that we can use the money that we save for other items that may be needed.

Lancaster Paramedic

Type 2010/2011 2011/2012 Savings

Billing Services $209,473 $174,561 $34,912

Cellular Phone Services $14,268 $13,173 $1,095

Laundry $1,920 $1,700 $220

Professional Development $9,000 $4,400 $4,600

Medical Supplies $137,417 $117,025 $20,392

Oxygen Costs $15,600 $12,764 $2,836

Totals $387,678 $323,623 $64,055


As you can see from



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