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Law Opinion Paper

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Law Opinion Paper

In My paper I will be talking about the creation of the laws. I will also evaluate that need of the creation of the laws. I will also be talking about consideration the common heritage and the U.S. Court history but those are just a few things that I will be talking about in my paper but there will be other topics that I will also be talking about to.

Well you see with the United States Constitution it was made to help in being able to protect the people and their rights. Well you see it was the United States that was able to start crating laws in which the people live in society and their lives. With that you see that the laws are stating to become more defined in how laws are being made and how the people go about understanding that a new law or laws that are passed, it also helps in being able to give order to the people or the society.

Well in the ancient times laws were starting to being faded and they were also trying to involve that they also favor the rights that each person may have(Meyer and Grant 2003).

Well sense our government has started to make laws that are starting to be obsolete, well they end going back the time when morality started to rule the day. But you see as times starts to go by you can start to see that more laws are being repealed but it also helps in being able to favor the rights of civilians.

Well you see before a law can have the ability to be enacted it must also be able to go through the process, well you see the first step is to be able to establish the law which will be able to be created by the Legislation Branch of that of the Government and then it will be able to be enacted, and you will see that the will of that law has now become enacted it will then be enforced and then they will go to the Executive Branch in that they control that of the law enforcement agencies(Schmallager 2009).

Finally you than have the Judicial Branch and they act on and put the laws in and apply them and then they make sure that the laws will then be compatible with that of the United States Constitution and then the legal documentation to use prior to making court decisions, before a law will be able to be

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passed then it must go through each of that of the governmental Branch. You see a law can't be passed unless it is able to go through the 3 branches and then it will be able to be recognized of that of the Check and Balances(Schmallager 2009).

You see laws are their to make sure sure the rules and then they are enforced and if know one abides by them they could get into some trouble, also you see that a law is said to be composed of that of politics that of the economics and finally the society, and that they are able to serve as the peace keeps between that of the individuals.

But you see in the passed laws that have been made on that of the needs that are within the society and to be able to have some type of system that will be within the nation(Meyer and Grant 2003).

But you have with that came many years ago , because you have many years



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