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Law to an Alien

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In order to create and restore order on our planet, my dear alien friend, humans, in their extensive history, have developed a set of tools and regulations,that create a framework for moral and responsible behavior. This is what we call Law on our planet. Although every part of our little planet has their own application of the Law, there are certain aspects which are considered of uttermost importance in every part of the world.

These aspects constitute the foundation of our society and called fundamental: the right to life, the right of personal liberty, the right for freedom of thought and speech, the right of equal protection under the law, the right to vote. These rights are universally applied and recognized by most of the nations of our planet, although the enforcement of these varies dramatically.

So you might wonder what Law means to us humans? It gives us a sense of safety and protection, a certainty in living. If everything changes, the basic laws will still stay the same and this is what we, as humans can rely on.

This might seem like a nice human institution for you, my outer space visitor, but I have not mentioned, what happens, if these laws are being broken.

For that we invented Law enforcement. It punishes misbehavior to protect justice. Of course this differs again in every part of the planet, but everywhere there is a certain system, to make sure that the Law is obeyed by the citizens of that particular state.

I hope I made the institution of law any clearer to you, my friend. If you want to discuss some aspects of it feel free to ask your questions.



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