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Lessons Leant from Norther Irish Conflict

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Essay Preview: Lessons Leant from Norther Irish Conflict

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From Northern Ireland and the IRA there is evidence and lessons learned that both "Getting Tough" and Talking with the terrorists can work effectively but also create lots of problems. However neither of the tactics were effective enough to resolve the situation and end the IRA.

Different "Get Tough" strategies have had very different effects. Internment was used by security forces of Ireland in August 1917. This authorised the forces to arrest and hold anyone suspected of terrorism without charge or trial. This aimed to disrupt the IRA but it did not have the desired effect. They failed to catch any of the IRA big leaders. Also this strengthened the Nationalist View that was against them. Despite this there was instance where "getting tough" were effective. This was when Roy Mason became Secretary of State for Northern Ireland and increased the level of security and authority's use of Special Forces and paid informers. As a result of this deaths dramatically increased caused by the IRA.

Talking to Terrorist also has its advantages and disadvantages. An example of this is when William Whitelaw agreed with secret talks with the IRA leadership. These got to no conclusion and quickly broke down. Also if these talks emerge to the public it can make the government look very weak. Also an example when talking had a positive effect is when Adam and McGuiness began to pursue negotiation with the British Government I

I Think that both techniques are effective as long as they are used to reduc harm.



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