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Librotraficante Caravan

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An underground library movement, starting right here in our very own Houston, Texas as apart of 'Librotraficante Caravan", but what for? About a few months ago Arizona, passed a legislation bill banning school curriculum designed for students, towards a particular ethnic group. As well a certain ethnic group studies books have been removed from the school district shelves.

With this being said came the 'Librotraficante", which comes from the Spanish language, "Book Trafficker'-. A non-profit organization which promotes Latino Literature and Literacy was put into action by our very own historic Latino author, Tony Diaz, as well as many of his great associates. They have one goal and one goal only, to bring back Latino studies legally or illegally, they are determined to let their voices be heard. The movement has quickly made its way to national headlines, an intellectual movement with the creation of "underground libraries" (literally), where people have access to these banned books.

Tony Diaz, himself has came up a great literacy term, for bringing books back to Tucson, Arizona, in fact the whole state of Arizona. "Wet Books", bringing back books one way or another. Starting, March-12 leaving from Houston, making stops in San Antonio and El Paso before heading into New Mexico. The final stop will be Tucson March-17. In addition to collecting banned books, there will be public readings, and performances at selective caravan stops. Thanks to Tony and many others, we are all informed even more than possible to making a great revelation on today's society.

Even though, Tony Diaz speaking was very well informed, I still have some of my very own questions. WHATS NEXT? After bringing the books back to Arizona, what's next how can we stop this from happening to any other ethnic group, what's stopping them from doing again, How can we stop this from happening again ?



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