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Life Time Development Project

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Essay Preview: Life Time Development Project

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Task: Create a scrapbook (may be digital or hard copy) of your life with a picture and comment for each of the required contents. Use real (can be copies) pictures and descriptions for your life so far, from your own memories and those of your family and friends. Use your imagination to paint a realistic series of pictures and descriptions of what your life will be from this point.

1. Attach rubric to the back of your project

2. Each stage must be clearly labeled and illustrated

3. Your description must include an approximate age (decades in adulthood) for each stage.

4. Each stage must have a picture (copy, actual, or hand drawn for your life until now) or hand drawn, computer printer, or cut from a periodical for your future life.

5. Cognitive stages may include stories by relatives, previous school work, etc.

6. Prenatal care is going to involve interviewing a parent or family member about actions taken while you were in the womb (diet, cravings, etc...).

7. Parenting Style is your opinion supported with specific details. You must include the type of attachment and why.

8. Physical stages in infancy may include stories from relatives or friends of the family and should include actions like: rolling over, sitting up unassisted, pulling up to standing, crawling, walking, etc.

9. Physical stages in childhood may include your stories and/or those from relatives and/or friends of the family and should include actions like: skating, riding a bike, swimming, sports accomplishments, etc.

10. Physical stages in adolescence may include your stories and/or those from relatives and friend of the family and should include actions like: shaving, voice changes, etc. (You do not have to include very personal items such as spermarche and menarche.)

11. Physical stages in adulthood will take some imagination on your part. Begin with when you expect to stop getting taller, some ladies may have already reached this, and include actions like when you feel you will be at your physical peak, when you realistically believe you will begin to get wrinkles, grey hair, loose muscle tone, etc. (It will be helpful to talk to older relatives about this.)

12. Language Acquisition should include a representation (picture/illustration) of you at the age for each step and a brief description of first word, early sayings, pronunciations, etc.

13. Erikson's stages will involve speaking to family/friends, your own stories, and your imagining of your future self.

14. Kohlberg's stages may involve all three as well.

15. Maslow's Hierarchy may involve all three as well.

16. Loss of loved ones may or may not include the grief cycle and may be a true story if you have already experienced it or an idea of the future.

Required Content

pts poss.

Pts earned


Cognitive: Piaget 4 stages

4 pics with explanation


Prenatal Care and Parenting Style (2 pics with explanation)



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