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Life in Dream Land, "god's Own Country"

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Essay Preview: Life in Dream Land, "god's Own Country"

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I remember when I won the US lottery in the year 1997. I finally got to US but life seems very hard. After a while, I learned that life is dream land is not always essay. I fight hard to get to know people and have a close relationship with those whom I trusted. I never knew that you cannot trust anyone in the dream land. Here in US, you need to fight for life here as much as possible.

After my first two years, I enrolled in college. I had access to free grant at that time. Before I knew what was going on with my life in dream land. I found my self in debt with credit cards. I remember that morning as I was about to enter the school compound, I met two people who offered me credit card at the entrance of school gate. I wondered is this how life is here. I can get a credit card that I do not have to pay back? Well, I got into about $2000 debt without jobs or mean to pay back the debt.

I moved out of the states to another state looking for jobs. Of course, I found a job and paid off my credit cards debts. The lesson, stay away from things that seems too good to be true.

There is not doubt the bank are their to make profits. We citizens hope that bank will be honest with their customers and make money in a right ways.



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