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Second Life

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1, A lot of big organizations are developing all around the world nowadays, and employees are working in different countries. Some staffs can choose working places even in their own house. These kinds of flexibilities are becoming necessary for recently. By using Second Life, each people living in different countries can gather one place to work or study and can share ideas at the place. This can make reduce expenditures such as traveling expenses. Time is saved as well.

2, Companies which produce new products in the market get benefit from a Second Life. By using Second Life, it is possible to save time of making actual prototype. After a team make prototype on Second Life, team members gather and share ideas by examining the model.

3, I personally would not plan to have business in Second Life. Since 2008, most of companies have been evacuated from Second Life because they figured out there are few possibilities to marketing. I have no idea why they think in this way.

4, I am not surprised at what I saw on eBay. Activities related to Second Life are weak. There are not so many sold.

5, Picture quality is bad. Operation is difficult. People always want to have something make their life easier, but this soft doesn't fit for the demand.

6, No, I do not want to use it for a job interview. Avatar is not actual people, so it is impossible to see interviewer's facial expression during the interview.

7, It could become a precursor for business. For example, if I want to have business in fashion business, it is good way to use Second Life. I can design clothes and open store without spending money. Then, I will be able to know how my business is going on. If I can get good result, what I am going to do is just follow it in the real life. I will probably get same result.

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