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Lights! Camera! Action

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Lights! Camera! Action!

There are many different types of ways a play can take action. There are books, an actual play on stage, and a movie. Having all these different types of ways a play can capture its audience I prefer it on stage myself. When I see a play take action in front of my eyes I can't help, but to keep my eyes focused on what's going on. There are a lot of different props on stage and movement going on. There is music playing and dancing taking place. The stage is a wonderful thing for an actor to express their true talent in front of an audience. Of course reading a play and watching a play can be just as captivating, but through my eyes a play on stage can really make a difference to how much I can enjoy it.

A play really captivates my attention when I see it taking place in front of my eyes. I love how all the elements come together such as lights, music, props, and most importantly the acting taking place. The actors play such an important role on stage. I believe they're the ones that hold the key to the audience's sympathy, laughter, crying, or simply just an act of clapping. After seeing Hamlet formerly known as the Prince of Denmark at the Cal Rep in Long Beach I really enjoyed it as an audience member. I was not quite sure what to expect from a small theater. However Cal Rep made an exceptionally good job bringing comedy to its stage. Even though there were times when I really didn't understand some of the language taking place I laughed because it was funny and it was taking place in front of me. I also enjoyed how I could see the costumes of the actors in front of me and all the different types of props being used. The sounds of the music and the live band make a big difference when you're actually watching and listening to all these things taking place in front of you. It's almost as if your part of the play.

Sometimes during plays an actor can really incorporate the audience somehow in their play. During Hamlet formerly known as the Prince of Denmark I noticed that the actors did a great job engaging the audience. A few examples of this were when the actors came out before the play actually started and were using props to make silly jokes with the audience. There was also another part during the play were the actors actually sat down on some of the audiences laps. It was fun, and really translated comedy.

During my theater class I have experienced all different types of emotions and feelings. We have read plays, watched a movie, and gone to an actual play on stage. Even though my preference is on stage all the other forms of a play are just as powerful, but in their own ways. Reading a play such as Nilo Cruz Anna in the Tropics was very enjoyable. I really don't like reading much, but honestly this play for me was pretty



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