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Macro Economics

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: Business Communication

Assignment 1 - Group Presentation

One’s ability to present on a topic within a business context, is a key skill that will help boost one’s corporate career. This assignment takes the form of a short ‘staff training’ session, on the topic that is allocated to your respective group. You are to assume that your audience consists of a set of employees of your organisation, who have been identified, as having that particular area as one of their training needs.

This assignment is aimed at improving your public speaking and presentation skills. You will work in a group. However your final mark for this assignment, will be a reflection of both the group effort put in, as well as your individual ability at delivering your part of the group presentation.


Prepare and deliver a presentation of not more than 30 minutes on the topic allocated to your team (A written report is NOT required)

(30 marks)

Allocation of marks for presentation

Introduction                                                         05%

Content - Breadth of coverage                                        15%

Content - Depth of coverage                                        15%

Individual Presentation ability                                        30%

Interest created in the presentation / Innovative presentation             25%

Time Management                                                        10%

Total                                                                      100%        

Points to note:

Number of students allowed per group would be informed to you during the first lecture based on the total class size.

The presentation topics will be allocated to each group during the first session (lecture).

The presentation should be restricted to a maximum of 30 mins. All group members need to present.

Each student needs to make a notable contribution during the presentation. Failure to do so will result in the particular student being penalised for his ‘individual presentation ability’. If a student fails to present altogether, than that student will NOT receive even the portion of marks common to all within the group.



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