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Managerial Analysis and Communication

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Overall judgement of Prof. Graham’s behaviour in the class and then predict how Janet and others students might experience it?

Prof. Graham wants every student in the class to participate in the problem solving process. Rather than spoon feeding them the solution directly he wanted his students to arrive at the solution collectively through mutual discussions and dialogues. So on that particular class, Prof. Graham started the day on the similar note of carrying forward the discussion amongst his students. However, to his disappointment the entire class missed the point of the case. It was then, he decided to step in and exercise his instructors prerogative to tell the students how wrong they were. At this moment a young female student raised her hand and Prof. Graham thought of giving her the last chance to voice her opinion before he steps in.
As for Prof. Graham’s behaviour we support with his pedagogy of teaching, giving his students ample opportunity to voice their opinion while solving the problems. This collective and interactive approach helps the students to widen their thinking horizon as well reflect on their thought process while arriving at the decision making.

Even though Prof. Graham preferred the open forum of discussion amongst his students, he never gave black and white answers to his students for the cases they discuss. He believed his students should arrive at the decision by their own. However, he guided them through class discussions and interactions. But this approach might leave the students unsatisfied and with a sense of incomplete solution as they never came to know the exact answer for the cases.

How does this situation appears to professor Graham?

As Ms. Malcom stated her answers, Prof. Graham was elated that finally someone has cracked the case after so much of deliberation. However, he didn’t want his elation to be apparent on his face and rather wanted the rest of the 79 students to understand the importance of the points Ms. Janet was making, without making any expression that would hint to the rest of the 79 students that Janet’s answer was right.

After Ms. Janet made her point and Prof. Graham was leaving the class, he saw a group of few students who approached and clustered around Janet’s desk. This impression left Prof. Graham happy as he wanted the students to crack the case on their own. Also the students now have a correct set of clues to ponder upon and come to their  own conclusions.

How well did Prof. Graham handle the questioning and response with Janet

Prof. Graham was running low on time and was eager to give some hints to the students. However, as Ms. Janet made her point Prof. Graham was elated that someone has finally cracked the case and rest of the students have now some form of clue to go about. This situation ended exactly the way he wanted as he was sceptical of giving away the solution, but wanted the students to work upon the solution by themselves. Hence, even though his class time exceeded by 2 minutes, Prof. Graham left the class happy and content as he was successful in his teaching method.



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