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Managing and Leading People - Andrew Ryan Case Study

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Essay Preview: Managing and Leading People - Andrew Ryan Case Study

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Stephany Muallem        

MBA 614 – Managing and Leading people

December 16, 2017

Dr. Theodore Pacleb

Andrew Ryan

Problem Statement:

Andrew Ryan is an employee at an aftermarket brakes component manufacturer, VC Brakes.  He has steadily been moving up the ranks and being promoted. However, The company is going                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         ugh restructuring. Ryan must now decided whether he want to stay at VC Brakes with a possible demotion or does he want to continue at his current position and hope they change back to his initiative.  

Hypothesis 1: Due to the demotion of his mentor and friend, Ryan could put in his resignation.

The Kottor Model of Change would not apply to this hypothesis.  The only thing this could possibly do is create a sense of urgency.  If the new management did not see this coming and then felt they could not lose you, they perhaps could entice you to stay and perhaps even acquiesce to some of your initiatives. However, the downside of resigning and taking a position elsewhere or even in the same company but different division is that it does not come with any guarantees. You are making a decision in hopes of management realizing they made a mistake or in hopes you find employment elsewhere.  The fact you are quitting without finding new employment first will hold a stigma with it that an employer will want to know why you quit. The fact that you could not work together to find solutions is not an appealing characteristic other employers are looking for.

Hypothesis 2:  Try to talk to James Baynard and see how you can help meet his objectives and goals.

        By doing this You already a sense of urgency by putting aside your uncertainty and you are working for the betterment of the company. Ryan has already learned how to work with John Kante, where his fears were proved unfounded and they had a good working relationship. By building a coalition with Baynard, they can achieve more together. Basically you can work inside with Baynard and then still take little wins with his approval and make then into initiatives.



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